Anger Management Courses

Anger Management Courses

Anger Management Courses Australia

Anger Management Courses

Our anger management courses aim to teach people with anger problems skills that will help them better manage their anger. They are practical courses that focuses on teaching people to recognise the early signs of their anger, anger triggers, etc. as well as teaching skills to manage anger provoking situations and reduce anger levels through relaxation and disputing negative thoughts.


While attending anger management courses is helpful for most people with anger problems, regardless of the cause of their anger, the courses themselves may not fully address your emotional issues. Some people find that while an anger course helps them better control the expression of their emotions, they continue to experience strong negative emotions, even where they have gained greater control over how they express them. If this is the case you, may wish to seek individual psychological therapy after completing one of the anger management courses.


Our Sydney-based practice is planning anger management courses for January / February. For more information on proposed dates of anger management courses click on the anger course dates link. However individual anger management runs continually and we usually have appointments available within a week to commence. Medicare rebates are available for those with a Mental Health Care Plan referral from a GP.


We expect to run courses at Blacktown.

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